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You can immediately determine if we are available on your special date.  Just provide the following information and press the Check Availability button.


PHONE: (308) 641-6052

You may occasionally get our voice mail if we are DJ'ing an event, taking another call, speaking with a client, away from the phone, or if you call outside of the hours posted above, so feel free to leave a message and we will respond ASAP!  Please make sure to leave a message with a number you can be reached at if you get our voice mail, thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: Even though our number is on the "do not call" list for telemarketers, we DO still get many calls from people trying to sell us everything from pens to placemats to websites and everything else in between. Most of them try to call us "PRIVATE," "UNAVAILABLE," "RESTRICTED," etc. on the caller ID. After answering enough of these kind of calls, we no longer answer if we see something like that on our caller ID. If you are an actual customer calling for our DJ service, please make sure that you are not blocking your number, otherwise we'll assume it is a telemarketer/salesperson calling us. Thank you.


We respond to all emails ASAP. Make sure ADD our email address to your contact list so our emails don't end up in your "spam" folder :)


The DJ Music System

P.O. Box 605

Scottsbluff, NE 69363



"We couldn't have been more pleased with all that you did for us on our wedding. It was funny to us that we really didn't do a lot of planning with you because you communicated and planned so effectively, something that was a relief in the midst of all other things that were going on! You ran things so smoothly and had a great feel for the evening. At one point, one of my friends from Gering asked me "is this Gary from the morning show?" I said "yeah!" He said, "Dang, we tried to get him for our wedding and he was booked. He's so good!"

We were also recommended to you by Angela's Bridal. They said that DJ Music System was the best in town - they were right. We wouldn't have wanted it any other way. You worked very well with all we wanted to have done during the day and we LOVED the introductions!! That was so much fun. I think that the guests also enjoyed them. We can't rave more. We had an amazing time and we didn't have to worry once about the music or flow of the evening. Thank you so much Gary"

- Kristen and Brett (bride and groom)