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After many updates to this page over the years, I decided it was time to do something fresh and new.  This page was originally called "Gary's News," but I wanted to transform it into a blogging page to keep everyone up-to-date on the recent weddings where I was the DJ and also share some of my thoughts on weddings, planning, music, pictures etc.  You'll notice much less older content and much more new pictures and information (soon). This being said, I present to you Gary's Blog...

Picture this!  A DJ who also takes professional looking pictures?

Occasionally I'll have people ask me "who does the pictures for your website (or on Facebook)?"  While I consider myself a "DJ" first, I have taken an interest in photography, too.  I have taken thousands of pictures over the years and captured some amazing moments that otherwise wouldn't exist. 

 About 10 years or so ago, I started taking pics with an old school digital camera.  This may be one of the first times someone has used the words "old school" and "digital" in the same sentence and they were talking about the same thing.  Well, after uploading the pictures, putting them through some editing software and seeing grainy images, I decided to upgrade. I now use a Canon camera that takes much sharper pictures, without the grain.  I also upgraded my software to take these sharp pictures and bring out the best in color and effects.

I have worked with so many amazing photographers at weddings and have learned not only how to get those sentimental moments, but to also catch those "action" shots, as well.  A photographer's day for a wedding generally starts early in the morning and usually wraps up about half way into the reception.  I figure since I'm there for the entire reception, I'll continue to take pictures and share them.  Sometimes my wife will stop by a wedding and take some pictures for me while I continue to play music, put on a great light show and do some emcee work.  I don't charge extra for the pictures, it's simply my way of going the extra mile for my customers.

Hannah and Chad's Wedding:

Congratulations to Hannah and Chad!  A beautiful ceremony and fun reception were held at the Weborg 21 Centre in Gering on Friday, November 3rd, 2017.  The newlyweds were excited to exchange vows and celebrate their wedding and it was an honor being a part of their big day.  Hannah and Chad were so nice and great to work with...and their family and friends were, as well.  While we communicated mostly through email, I officially met them and their families at the rehearsal the night before the wedding.  Pastor Giles did a fantastic job walking them through the rehearsal and also made their ceremony very meaningful.  After an exchange of vows, rings placed on each other's hands and the announcement of the newlyweds, it was time to celebrate!  Thank you again Hannah and Chad for choosing The DJ Music System for your ceremony and reception.  I wish you two the very best! 


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Here is an email we received from Hannah after their wedding:

Thank you for everything that you did for our wedding! It was truly a pleasure to work with you, and we were very pleased with how everything turned out.  I so appreciated how much you communicated with us prior to the wedding to get everything lined out as much as possible. It saved us from we trying to track you down the day of the wedding so that we could fully enjoy our day. It was greatly appreciated how much you communicated with everyone else as well (the pastor, the photographer, our families, etc.). You were TRULY a lifesaver in providing sound for our ceremony. My flower girl took a little longer than we expected, so we almost ran out of music, but you were able to continue the music in a smooth transition and made it all work out! And thank you, thank you for providing sound for the vocals. It was such a stress relief to know that you had it taken care of, and it sounded awesome! You were so amazing to work with us on our budget. And another huge plus to having you was the photographs you took. It was great to have one more person to get candid shots of the reception and dance. We loved all of those pictures. We really cannot thank you enough for everything that you did!
-Hannah and Chad

Looking back on the past few months, I am continually thankful for all the couples who chose The DJ Music System for their weddings.  Being a part of these celebrations and seeing all happy faces is such an amazing opportunity and I appreciate every bride and groom who placed their trust in me to help make their wedding memorable.

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